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Our Vision

Yollah is a place to celebrate the love of food and drink. It is a place to gather with friends and family for a dinner driven by hospitality and passion for our staff. We take pride in our values and hope to continue to grow and support the local food community.

Our Ingredients must have superior flavor, be entirely natural, demonstrate supply transparency, have a positive impact, and foster strong partnerships 

We are focused on community, family, and sustainable food, and we work with vendors and local farmers to bring the best ingredients from our family to yours. 

We believe in doing our part to protect the environment, strengthen our community, and support our staff. We take pride in the food we serve and treat everyone who walks through our doors like family. Our doors are open to everyone.

Better ingredients make better food.

We stock our restaurant kitchen much the same as our home kitchen: with daily deliveries of fresh ingredients. 

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