About Yollah

Yollah stands for a uniting force. What is more uniting than sharing good food and drinks with those you love? 


Yollah started as a dream -- we loved to celebrate food and entertaining and wanted to share our passion with Macon. 

Starting in 2020, we hit the ground running. We planned, got the building and did a lot of work. A LOT. 

From coming up with the name, designing the logo, getting blue prints of the building scheme, working with interior designers, finding a chef, finalizing a menu -- the work that has gone into Yollah has been a labor of love. 

We can not wait to share what we have been working on in 2020 and now, 2021. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces -- either in the restaurant or on our beautiful outdoor patio. Bring your family, friends and of course, the pups! 

Yollah, y'all!

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